Dynamic Human Anatomy

Dynamic Human Anatomy 2.0

Dynamic Human Anatomy 2.0 is an interactive anatomy atlas
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Dynamic Human Anatomy 2.0 is an interactive anatomy atlas.
This program can also be used to build presentations to be used in class, and as a tool for anatomical study, review and testing.

Dynamic Human Anatomy Version 2.0 includes 2,600 illustrations from Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy, Eleventh Edition, Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Fourth Edition, Dean/Herbener’s Cross-Sectional Human Anatomy, and Langman’s Medical Embryology, Ninth Edition. It also includes 76 video clips from Acland’s DVD Atlas of Human Anatomy, along with six embryology animations from Simbryo, Version 1.0.

The program shows a tree in the upper left panel. By clicking on the elements of that tree, you can choose the images you want to see. They will be displayed in the upper right panel. In some cases, you will see some related slides in the lower left panel. The lower right panel will show you some data about the picture you´re watching. This is applicable to the images, videos and animations.

You can also solve exams, in Study Mode or Test Mode, choosing the number of questions.

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